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Things done today:

  1. Minipreped, glyceroled, digested, ran on a gel, ligated to R0011 in 1AT3, and transformed rbs.pchba.term structures
  2. Performed site-directed mutagenesis on the correct minipreps of the 30.bat2.30.thi3 structures
  3. Glyceroled the correct minipreps of the 30.bat2.30.thi3 structures
  4. Sequenced rbs.pchba.term structures along with the osmy.inverter.xxx structures
  5. Examined some of the sequencing results although many were inconclusive due to bad sequencing
  6. Threw away the indole-knockout osmy.inverter.xxx structures since we found that the supposed cells were nasty smelling

Note: In the future, for competent indole knockout cells, use the ones labeled "IKN" in the indole-knockout box.