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Things to do today

1. Colony PCR 30.bat2.30.thi3 from original plate since yesterday, we found that none of the selected colonies had thi3 in them. If this fails, we plan to religate the two pieces.

2. Smell test the osmY.inverter.smell structures in the indole-knockout strain. If they are correct and the osmY.inverter.gfp structures are lit at the correct time, we can move on the plate reader.

3. Make the definitely correct indole-knockout strain competent.

4. Glycerol the two pseudomonas LCs and smell the pseudomonas/WGD mixture.

5. Glycerol the smell tests that worked. I need to find out which ones worked from Andre.

6. LC the rbs.pchba.terminator structure cells.

7. Glycerol the pchba.terminators that were successfully mutagenized.

I also need to know from Andre what to do with the smell tests today. I set up 2. already.

So, it looks like we were just unlucky in selecting for the 30.bat2.30.thi3 ligations. Four of the twelve colony PCRs conducted were correct. Tomorrow, we can mutagenize the minipreps of the aprropriate LCs.