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(Lab notebooks & documentation)
(Construction tools)
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*#Obtain accounts <font color=red>- Day 1, Week 1</font>
*#Obtain accounts <font color=red>- Day 1, Week 1</font>
*#Making a part (both basic and subpart) <font color=red>- Day 1, Week 1</font>
*#Making a part (both basic and composite) <font color=red>- Day 1, Week 1</font>
*#Sequence alignments
*#Sequence alignments
*NCBI Entrez

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This page contains links to introductory information for the MIT iGEM team.


System Design considerations

  • Feasible system scale (numbers of parts, plasmids, chassis types)
  • Design tools - models, network diagrams
  • Moving from system->devices->parts->DNA specification
  • Likelihood of success - protein engineering, cloning, new biological techniques and new science etc.

Abstraction hierarchy & standardization

  • Parts - zinc fingers?
  • Devices - receiver?, inverter?
  • Systems - bacterial photography?
  • PoPS and composability


Construction methods

  • BioBricks - Day 1, Week 1
  • Standard assembly - Day 2, Week 1
  • 3A assembly
  • In frame assembly
  • Direct synthesis

Construction tools

  • Registry
    1. Obtain accounts - Day 1, Week 1
    2. Making a part (both basic and composite) - Day 1, Week 1
    3. BLAST
    4. Sequence alignments
  • NCBI Entrez
  • VectorNTI
  • Others?


  • Plate reader characterization (i.e. Receiver)
  • Flow cytometry (i.e. Screening plasmid)
  • Microscopy
  • RT-PCR and Westerns

Necessary skills

Lab notebooks & documentation

Searching and reading the literature

Lab safety

  • Complete the Endy lab safety training. (Even if you have worked in a lab before, you should visit this page and verify that your training is up to date.) This should be done before your first day in lab.
  • Heather will be giving the lab-specific training - Day 1, Week 1


General introduction to ideas in Synthetic Biology

  1. Adventures in synthetic biology comic --> Learn about PoPS
  2. Foundations for engineering biology --> rant by Drew Endy
  3. MIT iGEM 2004 presentation (.ppt,pdf)
  4. UT Austin and UCSF 2004 project (coliroids)
  5. Find descriptions of 2005 projects