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Figure 1

Complete system diagram.

File:MITiGEM2006Figure1.pdf (pdf)

Figure 2

Smell generating devices from precursor.


Figure 2 (pdf)

Figure 3

Autonomous wintergreen production

  • (a) GC data of wintergreen total synthesis
  • (b) GC data of J45120 without precursor

Figure 4

Growth phase control

  • (a) parts and device level depiction
  • (b) growth-phase control of FP output


Figure 5

  • (a) device diagram of regulated banana device
  • (b) timecourse of banana smell

Figure S1

Restrospective project timeline. How long did each step take? [from this we can compute how we could do such work faster. We’ll want to work the pace of work into both the introduction and discussion].

Figure S2

  • (a) GC data for IK cells versus normal E. coli;
  • (b) mint scented bacteria with precursor versus TOP10 with precursor.
  • (c) banana scented bacteria with precursor versus TOP10 with precursor.


Odor thresholds

"The odor threshold of a compound is the lowest concentration at which its smell can be detected."

Use of ATF1 in E. coli

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Methyl salicylate synthesis

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