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Deadlines to Remember

UNAM_Genomics_Mexico iGEMS: This section was made to remember you about the things you should complete before their deadlines!!

June 6th: Lab Journals, Descriptions

1. All your personal lab journals updated in OpenWetWare 2. Introductory descriptions (History including advances in iGEM teams (Amhed), General Mechanisms (Claudia and co.), Evolutionary aspects (Daniela?)

June 8th: Human Practices, Project Names, Project Logo and Style

1.- Discussion of proposals for Human Practice (they need a goal, rationale, and strategy). Existence of proposals won't guarantee carrying out a Human Practice, so quality, originality and impact will be evaluated. 2. Project Name contest: Everyone must submit at least one name; the names will be voted and the best ones will be subjected to rounds of mutagenesis and selection. Owner of final name will get a prize. 3. Project logo Contest