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(Calendar of Events)
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== Current Time ==
Japan Standard Time: {{#time: Y/m/d(D) H:i +0900|+09 hours}}
Eastern Daylight Time: {{#time: Y/m/d(D) H:i -0400|-04 hours}}
== Calendar of Events ==
== Calendar of Events ==

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Calendar of Events

2011: http://2011.igem.org/Calendar_of_Events
2011/08/29 <iGEM Japan> 第3回iGEM学生懇親会
2011/03/31 <公式> IGEM 2011 registration closes; Team registration fee due
April / May <公式> DNA Distribution sent to teams (target deadline; subject to change)
2011/10/01-10/02 <公式> iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Europe, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, TUDelft, and University of Groningen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011/10/08-10/10 <公式> iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Americas, the Institute of Biological Engineering, Indianapolis, Indiana, US
2011/10/15-10/16 <公式> iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Asia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
2011/11/05-11/07 <公式> iGEM 2011 World Championship Jamboree, MIT
2011/11/18-11/20 <iGEM Japan> サイエンスアゴラに出展
2011//12/20 <iGEM Kyoto> 説明会
2010: http://2010.igem.org/Calendar_of_Events
2010/01/26 <公式> IGEM 2010 registration opens
2010/04/15 <新歓> 新入生対象説明会
2010/04/22 <新歓> 新入生対象説明会
2010/05/06 <新歓> 新入生対象説明会
2010/05/07 <公式> DNA Distribution sent to teams
2010/06/01 <公式> Visa invitation letter requests due
2010/06/26-06/27 <公式> Spring Workshop in Taipei
2010/07/16 <公式> Team project descriptions due
2010/11/05-11/08 <公式> iGEM Competition Jamboree, Cambridge, MA, US
2010/11/20-11/21 <iGEM Japan> サイエンスアゴラに出展
2010/11/23 <11月祭> 研究室企画に出展
2010/12/16 <新歓> 第一回新歓説明会