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<!------------Replace "LabGoesHere" with Supervisor/PI Last Name--------------------->
<!------------Replace "LabGoesHere" with Supervisor/PI Last Name--------------------->
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas|We]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas|We]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas|Have]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas|Have]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas|So]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas|So]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas|Many]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas|Many]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas|Good Ones]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas|Good Ones]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas/Yeast Sex Detector|Yeast Sex Detector]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas/Yeast Sex Detector|Yeast Sex Detector]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioBattery|BioBattery]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioBattery|BioBattery]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioFood|Hungry?Why Wait?Grab some Yeast!]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioFood|Hungry?Why Wait?Grab some Yeast!]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioGlue|BioAdhesive]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas/BioGlue|BioAdhesive]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnHopkins/2008/Ideas/Bioastrology|Bioastrology]]<br>
&bull; [[IGEM:JohnsHopkins/2008/Ideas/Bioastrology|Bioastrology]]<br>
|width=184px class="MainPageBG" style="border: 1px solid #cc3300; color: #000; background-color: #E0FFFF"|
|width=184px class="MainPageBG" style="border: 1px solid #cc3300; color: #000; background-color: #E0FFFF"|

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