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These are our daily objectives.

Output Amplification Model

Model based on Michaelis Menten Kinetics

Comparison between different amplification models (HIV1 and TEV) based on Michaelis Menten kinetics. However, Michaelis Menten kinetics does not apply to our system. Therefore, it had to be modelled from first principle (see below using law of mass action).

Model based on Law of Mass Action

Comparison between these 3 different models (which are based on the law of mass action): Simple production, 1-step and 2-step amplification

Variables and Constants for this Model

Here are the variables and constants that are used in the Output Amplification Model.

Protein Display Model

Protein Display Model

Variables and constants for this Model

Feedback from Wetlab

Experiments for the Output Amplification Model

Experiments for the Protein Display Model