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Workshop with Susanna Finlay

Susanna Finlay's research interest include the social impacts of Synthetic Biology.

During the workshops we have looked at study cases and discussed the impact of science on society.

We considered the following issues:

- where the scientists/engineer's responsibilities end?

- should scientists think about their impact when doing research?

For more information, have a look at this website.

Ethical panel

The Snapshots:

Experts in variet of fields challanging our ideas
We - taking the critics
Maddie's notes page - 1
Maddie's notes page - 2
Maddie's notes page - 3


"iGEM team helps prevent rogue use of synthetic biology"

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech is working on indetifying pracitical solutions to implement legal reuglations on the commericla distribution of GMOs or DNA sequences.

Algorithms under development assess how similar a specific DNA sequence is to entries in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Select Agent and Toxin List. Keyword lists help to track down matches and allow for continual fine-tuning of the effectiveness of each search. The students are compiling a database of test cases that allows them to estimate the performance of different screening strategies.

Refrence: Article contains further links to articles on Ethical issues with SynBio iGEM team helps prevent rogue use of synthetic biology