IGEM:IMPERIAL/2008/Journal Club

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Date Presenter Paper Presentation File Reference
10am Wed 23rd July Chris Toggle Switch Toggle Switch Toggle Switch Paper
10.30am Wed 23rd July Tom Represillator Repressilator Repressilator Paper
10am Thurs 24th July Erika AND Gate AND Gate AND gate paper
10am Mon 28th July James Pattern Formation Pattern Formation Paper
10am Wed 30th July Qiqin & Krupa Standards in Synthetic Biology
10am Thursday 31st July Prudence Biomaterials
10am Thursday 31st July Clinton Engineering E.Coli to see Light Light Receptor E.Coli Photoreceptor Paper
10am Friday 1st August Yanis Engineering E.Coli to invade cancer cells
2pm Thursday 7th August Erika & Clinton Refactoring Bacteriophage T7 Refactoring T7