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Throughout the project, many people have helped us in various ways - we are very thankful for all their precious time & efforts spent to support iGEM at Imperial ! Special thanks to everyone on this page!

We would like to thank all the people with whom we have interacted over the summer and who gave us a great deal of support.

  • David Featherbe
  • Prof Martin Buck
  • Dr Milija Jovanovic
  • Tania Briggs
  • Dr David Leak
  • Ciaran Mckeown
  • Dr James Slock
  • Dr Everett Greenberg
  • Amy Schaefer

We would also like to thank the following departments/institutions for their financial support.

  • Imperial College Deputy Rector's Fund
  • Imperial College Faculty of Engineering
  • Imperial College Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • European Commission, Synbiocomm project.
  • GeneArt
  • Promega
  • Clonetech