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*More information on ligations can be found on the [http://openwetware.org/wiki/IGEM:IMPERIAL/2006/Ligation_Page Ligation Page].
==Quality control==
==Quality control==

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Super Parts Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Actual Part J37015page.JPG
Sub Parts Test Sensing Prey Construct <bbpart>C0261</bbpart> <bbpart>I13401</bbpart>

Ligation Strategy

Ligating the Prey Construct:

For Stage 1 Stage 2
C0261 logo.pngPlus sign.pngI13504 logo.png
J37015 logo.png

Quality control

Part Logo Built Sequenced Primers Used for Sequencing
J37034 logo.png Yes ? ?
J37015 part.png Yes ? ?

WetLab work entries

  • Part has been successfully built.
  • Pops blocker (for control of positive feedback loop) has been successfully made and needs to be incorporated into the prey part and tested.