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Range of pH values we are expecting to see from different concentrations of AHL

  • Part C0061 produces AHL(N-acyl homoserine lactone), specifically it produces 3-oxohexanoyl-homoserine lactone (3OC6HSL)
  • We ordered the following enzyme, a generic acylase: Acylase I from porcine kidney
  • The acylase breaks down AHL into fatty acid (carboxylic acid) and HSL: AHL + H20 -> Fatty Acid + HSL
  • Since carboxylic acid is a weak acid, we need to find pKa values and calculate H+ concentrations for different concentrations of the acid.
  • pKa value found from Harvard University: Evans Group pKa Table: Carboxylic Acid with X=C6H5 -> pKa = 4.2
  • Working out the Ka:
    • HA(aq) <-> H+ + A-
    • Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]
    • pKa = -log(Ka) = 4.2 -> Ka = 10E-4.2
  • For [AHL] = 10E-9 M -> [H+] = 9.99*10E-10 M
  • For [AHL] = 10E-3 M -> [H+] = 2.216 M

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