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  • "When you hit a wall, search hard enough and you will always be able to find a window"... "to jump out of." - (Vincent)
    • "But before you jump...look out...you might jump into another pile of sh**" - (Chueh Loo)
  • "We can use the biosensors depending upon how our project falls apart" - (Farah)

iGEM Poetry

An Ode to E.coli

Two cells of E. coli were wandering slowly

Down the gastrointestinal tract.

An F+ was he, an F- was she,

And their membranes were bound to attract.

Now the dainty F- was born in a sinus

Where her members did seldom trespass,

But the brawnt F+ was spawned in some pus,

And produced both acid and gas.

A kiss he had stolen, down deep in the colon;

"Don't touch me", she said, "or I'll scream!

I have no protection, and an F+ infection

Would spoil my maidenly dream."

So the poor lonely fella withdrew his flagella

And worshipped her from afar;

"At least", he said, "wait, till I can mutate

And come back an HFR."