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The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors

Group Photos taken on 23/8/2006
The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors on the terrace of the Biochemistry building
IGEM GroupPhotos0016a.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0014.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0004.JPG

The I.CoLi Team

Group Photos taken on 18/8/2006
Group Photo:
The Imperial College London iGEM team 2006
The I.CoLi Team on the top of the Biochemistry building with view on campus (Queens Tower in background)
A photo with Dr. K Jensen - thanks for taking the group pictures !!
The Biologists and Biochemists enjoying the sun
On the terrace of the Biochem building
(Photo taken by Tom - the recently discovered talent in photography)
We love each other soooo much !!!