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(In the Wetlab)
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==In the Wetlab==
==In the Wetlab==

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In the Wetlab

We spent long hours in the lab...
Group Picture in the lab
The teaching lab
The Biochem lab
Our supervisors in the lab
We can see colonies growing!
Loading the gel
Looking at DNA bands with UV light
Making LB...
...mixing & shaking...
...filling into bottles...
...and CHEERS!

The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors

Group Photos taken on 23/8/2006
The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors on the terrace of the Biochemistry building
IGEM GroupPhotos0016a.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0014.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0004.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0008.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0010.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0011.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0012.JPG
IGEM GroupPhotos0013.JPG

The I.CoLi Team

Group Photos taken on 18/8/2006
Group Photo:
The Imperial College London iGEM team 2006
The I.CoLi Team on the top of the Biochemistry building with view on campus (Queens Tower in background)
A photo with Dr. K Jensen - thanks for taking the group pictures !!
The Biologists and Biochemists enjoying the sun
On the terrace of the Biochem building
(Photo taken by Tom - the recently discovered talent in photography)
We love each other soooo much !!!

The Team: The first two weeks