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*Run on gel
*Run on gel
*Set up "Bob" (J37024 AiiA-NEW/FRAY) for maxi and mini tomorrow.
==Freezing Cells==
==Freezing Cells==
*Made a stock of frozen cells of:
*Made a stock of frozen cells of:

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*Western Blot of Dr. Fray's plasmid containing aiiA
*Culture from plate from ligation from yesterday (preliminary predator cell with the new aiiA)
*Testing of J37015, J37016(for control), Acylase Activity & test a control too
*Make frozen stock of new T9002, J37036, J37024
*Control digest for J37036 - Has ligation worked?
*Have we ordered new Amp plates?
*Collect autoclaved flasks

  • JS: Just to point out, you will need to send to the registry the part inside bacteria and not the maxi-preped DNA!
  • CS: Yes. That's also one reason why we have been trying to make a frozen stock of all bacteria containing our parts that we ligated. How exactly do we need to send them to the registry?

Ampicillin plates

  • Not really something you would usually put into the lab notebook but..plates will be ready to pick up from the biochemistry basement at quarter to five (not before this time and no later than 5).


  • Alternative digest of new AiiA part (J37023) using Xbal and Spe1
  • Run on gel


  • Set up "Bob" (J37024 AiiA-NEW/FRAY) for maxi and mini tomorrow.

Freezing Cells

  • Made a stock of frozen cells of:
    • T9002(d)
    • T9002(c)
    • J37036(a)
    • J37024(1)
    • J37024(2)
    • J37024(3)

Testing J37015


  • 2L of LB has been made and put in for autoclaving. It should be done by the end of today.