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the plant vectors we will be biobrick-ing and using to transform into arabidopsis come from this paper:

Coutu, et al. "pORE: a modular binary vector series suited for both monocot and dicot plant transformation" Transgenic Res (2007) 16: 771-781.

this paper established a whole slew of vectors with different plant promoters and antibiotic resistance markers.

we have ordered the following vectors: O1, O2, E3, E4, R1, and R3.

these plasmids currently contain multiple cloning sites (MCSs) with many, many restriction enzyme cut sites. we will need to change the MCSs such that they are biobrick compatible.
File:PORE O1.gb
File:PORE O2.gb
File:PORE E3.gb
File:PORE E4.gb