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R0010 - LacI promoter

  • Plate 1, Well 7K
  • amp resistance
  • Hydrated yellow

E0241 - GFP reporter

  • Plate 2, Well 15L
  • amp resistance
  • Hydrated red

E7104 - GFP reporter behind T7 promoter

  • Plate 2, Well 13F
  • amp resistance
  • Hydrated red
  • Digest R0010 - SpeI + PstI (prefix)
  • Digest E0241 - XbaI + PstI (Suffix)

Gel extraction -> Ligation -> Transformation -> Miniprep -> Sequencing

Biobrick Delivery


June 7

  • Remove plates from 37C
  • Pick 3-5 colonies from each plate, plus 1 spot away from any colony as a control. I usually use a pipette tip, and just pop the whole thing into a culture tube containing 2 ml LB media (+ antibiotic).
  • Grow on shaker at 37C overnight

June 8

  • Pour a gel, and let this cool during step 5.
    • We can run a 1% gel.
    • Weigh out 1 g agarose and add 1x TBE to a total of ~100 g.
    • Squirt in a few extra grams of distilled water to allow for evaporation.
    • Microwave until agarose is fully dissolved (try 1 minute, followed by 30 second increments.
  • Qiagen miniprep kit on all samples.
  • Make glycerol stocks at this point. (Add 50 ul cells + 50 ul 30% glycerol to 1.5 ml tube, mix by pipetting and place in -80 freezer)
  • Run samples on gel, cut out bands of proper size. Make sure to weigh empty tubes beforehand, so we will know the weight of the band.
  • Qiagen gel-extraction kit. Quantitate on nanodrop to determine concentration. (see http://openwetware.org/wiki/Wittrup:_Gel_extraction and Qiagen manual).
  • (pour a gel at this point)
  • Ligation (follow protocol that comes with T4 ligase, for example), with proper controls. While ligation runs, figure out what size products you are expecting.
  • Gel purification of ligated product. Same as steps 4-7.
  • Transformation (same as Tuesday).

June 9

  • Come in early (e.g. 8 am) and pick colonies so we can miniprep them the same day. Grow at 37C for 6-8 hours.
    • Alternatively, come in late and grow cultures overnight and then continue on Saturday
  • Miniprep & nanodrop quantitation
  • Gel analysis / purification
  • Submit samples for sequencing.