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Streptavidin Magnetic Bead Depletion Assay

  • Biotinylated oligos still haven't come in yet, but the necessary accompanying "split" oligos (ie. the c5.0.#rb oligos) without biotinylation did come in.
  • Reconstituted them to 200uM and put in c5.0 rack.
oligo name nmoles in tube EB necessary for 200uM (uL)
c5.0.81rb 44.98 224.9
c5.0.8.2rb 53.16 265.8
c5.0.8.5rb 44.72 223.6
c5.0.9.1rb 45.62 228.1
c5.0.9.3rb 40.36 201.8
c5.0.9.5rb 36.33 181.65
    • (Previous biotinylated oligo tube orders from Invitrogen have been at ~200nmole amounts, but that has been greatly in excess of what has been actually needed and used. Thus this order was made with ~50nmole amounts, which will explain the relatively smaller amount of liquid in each tube, in case anyone is concerned about this at a later date.)