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PEG fractionation results

Streptavidin Depletion Assay: c5.0.Fb (inside biotinylated barrel)


  • Since the Fb used in the assay last night was the only barrel not folded yesterday, and because all the barrels folded at the same time as Fb (ie. 8.22.06) looked somewhat misfolded, it's possible that something went wrong during that folding.
    • Thus, before remaking a large number of pre-working and working stocks and possibly thus wasting materials, I'll first refold using remade Fb (from yesterday) and retry the assay using just it and c5.0.A.


  • 2 rxns of Fb at 30mM MgCl2, using Fb made [[IGEM:Harvard/2006/DNA_nanostructures/Notebook/2006-8-23#Folded:|yesterday].
  • (Additionally, folded for Katie 5 rxns each of:
    • c5.0.A (lidless)
    • c5.0.C (core)
    • c5.0.D (core))