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<div class="tabcontent">
<div class="tabcontent">
Transformation incubation ends at 2:14AM
==Western Blot Images==
Today we applied both antibody washes and imaged our GFP Western blot.  These are the resulting images:
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_g.jpg]]
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_g.jpg|thumb|left|The GFP bands]]
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_r.jpg]]
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_r.jpg|thumb|left|The film minus the GFP bands]]
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_merge.jpg]]
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_merge.jpg]|thumb|left|Both images together]]

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Western Blot Images

Today we applied both antibody washes and imaged our GFP Western blot. These are the resulting images:

The GFP bands
The film minus the GFP bands
[[Image: harvard_igem_8_18_blot_merge.jpg]|thumb|left|Both images together]]