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===Teaching Fellows===
===Teaching Fellows===
*Farren Issacs
*Farren Issacs
*Chris Doucette
*[[User:doucette|Chris Doucette]]
*[[User:ShawnDouglas|Shawn Douglas]]
*[[User:ShawnDouglas|Shawn Douglas]]
*Nicholas Stroustrup
*Nicholas Stroustrup

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Igem2006logo.gif Welcome to Harvard's 2006 iGEM team wiki. Inspired in more ways than one by MIT's team page, this will serve as the final home for all team-related digital content.

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  • Our team is currently conducting its first organizational meetings.

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  • Tiffany Chan
  • Katherine Fifer
  • Lewis Hahn
  • Hetmann Hsieh
  • Jeffrey Lau
  • Valerie Lau
  • Matthew Meisel
  • David Ramos
  • Perry Tsai
  • Zhipeng Sun

Teaching Fellows