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General Info

Time: 12:30 - 15:00 on Sep 6, Saturday

Venue: LG7 for lunch ---> Library LG1 Seminar Room

Host: Jean

Attendance: KC, Tony, Qing, Carmen, Winnie, Xiuye, Gladys, Vivian, Sunny, Jiahui, Jean, Wisely (early leave at 1:55pm.)


  1. Finalize the logo design and T-shirt ordering. (15min)
  2. Report on the progress of lab work and discuss the planning of lab work after the commence of new semester. (15min)
  3. Discuss how to conduct the simulation part of our project. (15min)
  4. Preparation of Championship Jamboree. (15min)
  5. Division of work, such as maintenance of team wiki website and OWW website and anything related to the preparation of Championship Jamboree.(5min)
  6. The place and time of meeting after the commence of new semester. (2min)


Logo Design

Finalized: Yellow background

          Front: Black characters, with the sundial and the bauhinia color changed to red
          Back: Add Hong Kong's Chinese characters

Lab Work

  • Jingjing's design: File:Latest version Sep.7.doc
  • Progress: GFP changed to Peking U.'s and primers were ordered, which will be arrived on Monday. Meanwhile, Jingjing and Jean are still trying to use other parts extracted from the DNA book as template.
  • Plan for next two weeks:
    • After primers arrive, Winnie starts to conduct PCR to amplify GFP part and RFP part.
    • Then, Qing ligates both sides together.
    • Sylvia conducts deletion PCR to delete the enzyme cutting site between two promoters and also constructs other trials of overlapping promoters.


[[]] By Jiahui Parameters are needed:

  1. diffusion rate of T7 polymerase and two repressors (Jean)
  2. affinity of binding: T7 polymerase and two repressors (Sylvia)
  3. transcription and translation rate: T7 polymerase and two repressors (Winnie)
  4. degradation rate: T7 polymerase and two repressors (Qing)

Preparation of Jamboree

  • starts preparation of presentation on Jamboree
  • 3 people, 20 slides within 15min
  • on Sep. 20, the background part should be presented (Jiahui)
  • team wiki website--by high school studetns (taking photos)
  • OWW website--by Jean (meeting records)
  • update of sponsors info. on websites

Meeting Time and Place

Time: Every Saturday, at 2-4p.m. Place: classroom to be booked by KC