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General Info

Time: 2 - 3:30 p.m. on Sep 27, Saturday

Venue: Room 5506

Host: Jean

Attendance: Qing, Winnie, Xiuye, Guangnan, Jingjing, Haoyue, Jean, Gladys, Sunny, Vivian, Carmen


  1. Report on the progress of lab work. (5min)
  2. Presentation of the integration system (by Winnie) and discussion on it. (10min)
  3. Presentation of the lab work of our final one at Jamboree and discussion on it. (20min)
  4. Discussion on modified Guangnan's ppt and Jiahui's. (10min)
  5. Simulation (5min)


Lab Work

  • araC + T7 polymerase, RFP and GFP test ---- Winnie
  • total construction ---- Guangnan and Qing
  • Promoter testing ---- Jingjing and Cotton
  • left/right testing ---- Xiuye and Jean

Preparation for Jamboree

  • Winnie's integration system part
    • advantages need to emphasize
    • general principle: too detail
    • Simple protocol: too detail
  • Jingjing's Lab-work part
    • Too simple, not enough explanation
    • No results yet, so difficult to present at the moment
  • Guangnan's revised ppt
    • Much simpler than last time
    • Suitable for public


T1 and T2 comparison is essential. T1 is the time for T7 polymerase binding to T7 promoter and start transcription. T2 is the time for repressor to be synthesized and come to the operator to carry out its activity to inhibit T7 polymerase.

Other issues

  • Project Abstract
  • HKU iGEM team visit