IGEM:Hong Kong HKUST/June 23

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General Info

From 6p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Rm 5486

Attendance: Xiuye, Jingjing, Cotton, Qing, Jiahui, Carmen, Wisely, Jinyu, Winnie, Guangnan, King and Tony.


  • By 5pm. June 27 (HKT), every ideas should be handed in as proposal, which may include a brief description of the project, the rationale, available information, their specific project objective, work/experiments/part construction needed, time line of the work, milestone, expected final deliverable by mid September, significance, extended direction beyond the competition, etc.
  • 5-6p.m., June 25(Wed), Rm5486, meet the high school students, and we may discuss about a general scheme of working schedule and how to work as a team to take part in an international competition.


Taichi Pattern

by Xiuye


by Guangnan

You can find ppt here: File:??.ppt


by Jingjing


by Cotton

Randomizer + Chemo-runner

by Guangnan