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<!-- PEOPLE HEADER with edit link-->
<!-- PEOPLE HEADER with edit link-->
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A group of Science and Engineering undergraduate students from HKUST inspired to make an impact in the iGEM competition.
A group of Science and Engineering undergraduate students from HKUST inspired to make an impact in the iGEM competition.
'''[[Media:HKUST.jpg|Picture of HKUSTers-2008 (coming soon!)]]'''
'''[[Media:HKUST.jpg|Picture of HKUSTers-2008 (coming soon!)]]'''

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IGEM-logo 2008.jpg

Welcome to HKUSTers team Wiki for iGEM 2008

  • iGEM is the international genetically engineered machines competition.
  • The objective of the competition is to design and build an engineered biological system using DNA.
  • To see examples of the amazing possibilities of iGEM, check out last years iGEM page


  • New Semester started and the meeting time and place changed to every Saturday 2-4p.m.
  • Anyone cannot attend the meeting, plz email us one day before the meeting.

Project Description

The HKUSTers’ project is composed of three components; (1) a Randomizer with one of the two possible random outputs at a single cell level, (2) a Memorizer that specifically records the last input and compares it with the current input to give out an XOR calculation, while the input before the last is erased, and (3) a Spatial Oscillator that facilitates autonomous back and forth migration of cells responding to two opposing chemical gradients...

For more details:[[../Project Description|Project Description]]

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/b/b9/Icon_board.png" alt="Resources"> </html>Resources

Interested in learning more about iGEM 2008? Explore below for an example of what's possible.

For more info on this year's iGEM please see 2008.igem.org.

Many more valuable links and helpful tidbits are available at the iGEM Resources page

External links

For visitors

Internal links

  • [[../2008/Notebook|Team Notebook]]

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  • April 18 - iGEM registration opens
  • May 9 - Registration closes
  • May 15 - BioBrick parts sent to teams
  • May 15 - Team rosters due
  • July 1 - Registration fee due
  • July 1 - Team project descriptions due
  • September 1 - Final team roster due
  • October 1 - Jamboree attendance fees due
  • October 1 - Notice and description of any use of non-standard parts or devices schemes due
  • October 15 - Project Summary form due
  • October 29 - Project and part documentation due
  • October 29 - BioBrick Part DNA received by the Registry
  • November 8-9 - iGEM competition Jamboree, MIT, USA

<html> <script language="JAVASCRIPT"><!-- update your browser, silly--> Today = new Date(); Jamboree = new Date("November 8, 2008"); msInADay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24; display = Math.floor((Jamboree.getTime() - Today.getTime())/msInADay); document.write("There are " + display +" days left until the Jamboree!"); // </script> </html>



  1. [[../April_23|April 23]]
  2. [[../April_28|April 28]]
  3. [[../May_5|May 5]]
  4. [[../May_16|May 16]]
  5. [[../June_2|June 2]]
  6. [[../June_4|June 4]]
  7. [[../June_13|June 13]]
  8. [[../June_15|June 15]]
  9. [[../June_18|June 18]]
  10. [[../June_20|June 20]]
  11. [[../June_23|June 23]]
  12. [[../June_25|June 25 (Meeting with high school students)]]
  13. [[../June_30|June 30]]
  14. [[../July_4|July 4]]
  15. [[../July_9|July 9]]
  16. [[../July_21|July 21]]
  17. [[../July_23|July 23]]
  18. [[../Aug_1|Aug 1]]
  19. [[../Aug_11|Aug 11 (Biochem stu sub-meeting)]]
  20. [[../Aug_13|Aug 13]]
  21. [[../Aug_19|Aug 19 (Biochem sub-meeting)]]
  22. [[../Aug_22|Aug 22 (Changed to Aug 29 due to Typhoon Signal No.8)]]
  23. [[../Sep_6|Sep 6]]



  1. June 2 Gene Regulation by Qing and Jinyu
  2. June 4 Digital Circuit by Jiahui
  3. June 13 by Wisely

Interesting Reading Materials

Single copy plasmid--Reference

<html> <img src="http://www.ust.hk/HKUST_Forum/images/ustlogo.gif" alt="HKUST"> </html>


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology[4]

Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/3/39/Icon_groups.png" alt="People"> </html>People

A group of Science and Engineering undergraduate students from HKUST inspired to make an impact in the iGEM competition.

Picture of HKUSTers-2008 (coming soon!)

PG Students

UG Students

High School students

Faculty Advisors

  • King L. Chow [5]

<html> </html>Sponsor

<img src="http://openwetware.org/images/3/39/Hysan.gif" alt="Sponsor">