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Hi everyone, Here is the final information and schedule for the iGEM Meetup.


iGEM Lab Phone Number: 401 626 4600

Brown iGEM Members in charge of pickups: Jeff Hofmann: 401 864 8835 Adam Emrich: 914 960 1509


By Commuter Rail from South Station, Boston:

We'll pick you up at the Providence Train Station and take you to Brown. This is the train to be on:

The 1:05 Train (MBTA Link) Arrives in Providence at 2:12 Avi and 2 other members of the McGill Team 2 members of the MIT Team Mac from iGEM HQ Rahul Ahuja and 3 members of the BU Team (857-204-3917)

Getting on the 4:45 Train (MBTA Link) Arrives in Providence at 5:50, in time for dinner 2 members of the MIT Team


By Car: (Dan Valente and 3 members of Cold Spring Harbor??) Park and meet us outside the new Life Sciences Building, 185 Meeting Street Google Maps Link



3:00-4:00 = Ice Breakers at the Life Sciences Building

4:00-5:00 = Team presentations in LiSci For team presentations with Powerpoint, email your slides to titok16@gmail.com

5:00-6:00 = Discussing the future of Synthetic Biology and iGEM

6:00-8:00 = Dinner on Thayer Street

8:00-9:00 Waterfire in Downtown Providence


There is also going to be Waterfire on August 18th. For those of you who haven't heard of this, Waterfire is a great attraction where huge bonfires are lit all along the three rivers of downtown Providence. At nighttime it's quite the sight to see. Starts at around 8 pm. The last train out is at 10 PM.