IGEM:Brown/2007/Lab Protocols/Pouring Plates 3

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For the creation of Agar Plates:


 -Distilled Water
 -LB (E. Coli Nutrients)
 -Agar (Gel Substance)


 -Make Stock Solution of Ampicillin
  -50 mg ampicillin/mL water
 -Final Solution should be 100ug/mL


1. Make 10 mL of Stock Solution
    -10 mL * 50 mg/ml= 500mg Ampicillin
2. Make LB Solution.
    -20g LB/L Water
    -make .5L of LB Solution
       20g/L * .5L= 10g LB.
3. Agar-LB Solution
    -20g LB/L Water
    -20g Agar/L Water
    -Make .5L Solution
4. Autoclave in container 1/4 full of solution.
    -Make sure top is covered in aluminum foil.
5. Let cool to 50 C while stirring.
6. Add 1 mL stock to each solution.
7. Make Plates.