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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

Today's Procedure

Including Monday's DSC measurements:

1) 148-186k MW PVOH weight of pan + lid: 0.05833g weight of material: 0.00275g

2) 100% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04928g weight of material: 0.00327g

3) 10% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04893g weight of material: 0.00278g

4) 0.1% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04933g weight of material: 0.00309g

5) 1% Isopropanol weight of pan/lid: 0.04949g weight of material: 0.00287g

6) 1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04952g weight material: 0.00287g

7) 22k MW PVOH weight pan/lid: 0.04906g weight material: 0.00338g

8) 9% Phenol (22k MW PVOH for the rest of the films) weight pan/lid: 0.04874g weight material: 0.00282g

9) 1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04821g weight material: 0.00313g

10) 0.1% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04821g weight material: 0.00278g

11) 0.01% Phenol weight pan/lid: 0.04986g weight material: 0.00352g

12) PVOH + Glutaraldehyde weight pan/lid: 0.04912g weight material: 0.00314g

For Film Making Procedure, see Klare's Notebook: