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(Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry)
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to be further editted
to be further editted
#make glutaraldehyde film
#cross linked film
#make new film
##1 g pvoh, .1 g of clay and 7mL h2o
#Porphryin solution dilution for concentration curve
## 9.445µm,0.9445µm, 0.09445µm

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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

to be further editted

  1. make glutaraldehyde film
  2. cross linked film
  3. make new film
    1. 1 g pvoh, .1 g of clay and 7mL h2o
  4. Porphryin solution dilution for concentration curve
    1. 9.445µm,0.9445µm, 0.09445µm