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Paste tab-separated Time room 123 room 124 room 141 room 144 room 155
8:00a - 9:00a Registration & Coffee (Stata Foyer)
9:00a - 9:15a Opening remarks (Student Street)
9:15a - 9:45a Missouri Miners ETHZ Bologna Turkey Rice
9:45a - 10:15a Virginia Toronto Freiburg MIT Virginia Tech
10:15a - 10:45a Boston University Waterloo Bangalore Southern Utah Bay Area RSI
10:45a - 11:15a Break
11:15a - 11:45a Davidson Missouri W Cambridge Lethbridge Berkeley LBL Harvard
11:45a - 12:15p USTC Calgary Saint Petersburg Alberta Wisconsin
12:15p - 12:45p Tianjin Caltech Glasgow Penn State Duke
12:45p - 1:05p Group Picture
1:05p - 2:00p Lunch
2:00p - 2:30p Colombia Israel Purdue Tsinghua Berkeley UC Valencia
2:30p - 3:00p Brown Tokyo Alliance Mexico Princeton Paris
3:00p - 3:30p Prairie View CSHL Peking Melbourne Edinburgh
3:30p - 4:00p Break
4:00p - 4:30p Naples Unused Taipei Unused Chiba
4:30p - 5:00p UCSF Unused Imperial Unused McGill
5:00p - 5:30p Mississippi State Unused Ljubljana Unused Michigan
5:30p - 10:00p Posters, Reception, and Dinnervalues here.