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[http://www.rso.cornell.edu/ibe/ Visit the Cornell IBE website]
=='''Utah State'''==
=='''Utah State'''==
=='''Mississippi State'''==
=='''Mississippi State'''==

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On October 18, 2008 four campuses will be hosting the 1st Annual Regional Student IBE Conferences:

  • Midwest host: Purdue University
  • Eastern host: Cornell University
  • Western host: Utah State University
  • Southern host: Mississippi State University

This wiki is currently being used for organizational purposes. If you are interested in attending this meeting, stay tuned for more information.

Organizers Discussion Board

add your comments and updates here


primary faculty contact: Jenna Rickus. rickus@purdue.edu

student organizers contacts:

  1. Rameez Chanti. mchatni@purdue.edu
  2. Laurent Ahiablame. lahiabla@purdue.edu
  3. Kyle Vester. vesterk@purdue.edu
  4. JD Mcclurkin. jmcclurk@purdue.edu
  5. Eric McLamore. emclamor@purdue.edu
  6. Sandeep Ravindranath. psandeep@purdue.edu


Visit the Cornell IBE website

Utah State

Mississippi State