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Alex Holcombe
Polly Barr
• Charlie Ludowici
• Kim Ransley
• Ingrid Van Tongeren
William Ngiam
Fahed Jbarah
• Patrick Goodbourn


Skills Checklist
Python Programming
Psychopy/VisionEgg Installation Notes
R analysis,plot,stats
Buttonbox with photocell
Programming Cheat Sheets

Werkhoven, Snippe, & Toet

  • acceleration and direction alternation
WerkhovenLowPassFilter33ms.png WerkhovenLowPassFilterImpulseResponse.png

If temporally low-pass the Reichhardt outputs, all speeds represented in speed-modulated stimulus but not in unmodulated stimulus. If temporally low-pass the pre-filtering stage,wouldn't be able to perceive motion at high frequencies If delay stage is temporally low-pass,

integration interval

[1] found attention / central viewing dramatically increased motion integration interval, with max integration interval 10 sec as found by Burr and Santoro


  1. Melcher D, Crespi S, Bruno A, and Morrone MC. The role of attention in central and peripheral motion integration. Vision Res. 2004 Jun;44(12):1367-74. DOI:10.1016/j.visres.2003.11.023 | PubMed ID:15066396 | HubMed [Melcher-etal-2004]