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Alex Holcombe
Polly Barr
• Charlie Ludowici
• Kim Ransley
• Ingrid Van Tongeren
William Ngiam
Fahed Jbarah
• Patrick Goodbourn


Skills Checklist
Python Programming
Psychopy/VisionEgg Installation Notes
R analysis,plot,stats
Buttonbox with photocell
Programming Cheat Sheets

Poster making

  • hp poster printer in psych IT area has roll paper width of 1065 mm
  • VSS 2011: Posterboards are 4’ (121.92 cm) tall x 8’ (243.84 cm) wide, however usable space is 228cm x 106cm
  • EPC 2011: poster sizes A0 portrait 84.1 x 118.9, or A1 any orientation 59 x 84

Bizarre printing problems, color stopping in middle of images etc., as with Pages: If you want to complex shapes and pictures, please group that object into a picture (because that object has two layouts is too awesome :) ). If you still lost some contents in your poster, the final weapon to fix the problem is to click the "advanced" button and then click print "as a image" when you printing with a PDF document. (but in this way, it takes more time.)

notes on making animated demos

Making Diagrams and Figures (not graphs)

Inkscape is a free open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Example: AdaptTestSequence.png

Alex uses Keynote for simple drawings, and even for posters with many drawings. Powerpoint is also a possibility. Both can be frustrating for precision drawing

The university has a site license for Adobe Illustrator. It comes with the Adobe CS5 suite which you can download from here. You'll need a staff unikey to proceed.