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July 24, 2006
Igor Landais joins our lab and is awarded a Cancer Biology Training Grant Postdoctoral Fellowship.
June 22, 2006
We get a Biosciences Innovation Fund Award from the OHSU Foundation for our project. We are happy!
June 6, 2006
We join OpenWetWare
June 16, 2006
Hanna goes back to school. We have excellent Thai lunch to send her off. We are sad.
May 30, 2006
Victor joins our lab. We are happier still.
May 24, 2006
Hanna joins our lab again before summer econ classes pull her back to Cornell (crazy double major). We are happy.
January 20, 2006
Hoatlin Labites move from the Division Formally Known as Molecular Medicine to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ( Room MRB518). We paint the lab Mango. Moving Day pictures.
January 24, 2006, OHSU
Clawed Frog Helps Fanconi Anemia Research Make Leaps
September 21, 2005, The Oregonian
OHSU researchers' discovery may help remedy a rare disease
September 16, 2003, The Oregonian
OHSU plays role in disease breakthrough
September 16, 2003, The Seattle Times
Protein helps anemia research
September 14, 2003, ScienceDaily and KGW NewsChannel 8
OHSU Scientists Uncover Key Protein For Fanconi Anemia, Cancer Susceptibility

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