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Recent work

  • Chylek LA, Wilson BS, Hlavacek WS (2012) Modeling biomolecular site dynamics in immunoreceptor signaling systems. Los Alamos Technical Report LA-UR-12-23058 pdf
  • Chylek LA, Stites EC, Posner RG, Hlavacek WS (2012) Innovations of the rule-based modeling approach. Los Alamos Technical Report LA-UR-12-10375 pdf
  • Creamer MS, Stites EC, Aziz M, Cahill JA, Tan CW, Berens ME, Von Hoff DD, Hlavacek WS, Posner RG (2012) Visualization, annotation and simulation of a large rule-based model for ErbB receptor signaling. BMC Syst Biol 6:107 PMID 22913808
  • Barua D, Hlavacek WS, Lipniacki T (2012) A computational model for early events in B cell antigen receptor signaling: analysis of the roles of Lyn and Fyn. J Immunol 189:646-658. PMID 22711887

Selected publications

  • Hlavacek WS, Faeder JR, Blinov ML, Perelson AS, Goldstein B (2003) The complexity of complexes in signal transduction. Biotechnol Bioeng 84, 783-794. PMID 14708119
  • Wall ME, Hlavacek WS, Savageau MA (2004) Design of gene circuits: lessons from bacteria. Nat Rev Genet 5, 34-42. PMID 14708014
  • Goldstein B, Faeder JR, Hlavacek WS (2004) Mathematical and computational models of immune-receptor signalling. Nat Rev Immunol 4, 445-456. PMID 15173833
  • Blinov ML, Faeder JR, Goldstein B, Hlavacek WS (2004) BioNetGen: software for rule-based modeling of signal transduction based on the interactions of molecular domains. Bioinformatics 20, 3289-3291. PMID 15217809
  • Hlavacek WS, Faeder JR, Blinov ML, Posner RG, Hucka M, Fontana W (2006) Rules for modeling signal-transduction systems. Sci STKE 2006, re6. PMID 16849649