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Using the Fluorometer


  1. Open the sample chamber to close the shutters and protect the detector if the signal exceeds the maximum (~9).
  2. Turn off the lamp before shutting down the instrument.
  3. Be careful with the cuvettes. You will break one if you work enough, but try to form careful habits.

Using the SLM Aminco-Bowman Luminescence Spectrometer


  1. Make sure the computer is OFF
  2. Turn ON the "Lamp Enable" switch on the left side of the spectrometer
  3. Turn ON the spectrometer
    • look for the red Lamp Monitor LED on front of the instrument to turn on
    • wait for the LED on the right side of the instrument to change from ORANGE to GREEN
  4. Turn on the computer
    • user "lab", password "lab"
  5. Open AB2 program
    • ignore the error message
    • wait for "Initializing Instrument" to finish
    • follow the remainder of instructions beginning on p. 4-1 of the manual


  1. 20 Minutes before turning off the spectrometer turn OFF the "Lamp Enable" switch
    • This is crucial to extend the life of the expensive arc lamp
  2. Turn off the computer at any time
  3. Clean the cuvettes and return them to the rack behind the computer
    • These are the other expensive and breakable item
    • They are placed behind the computer when not in use to minimize chances of accidental damage