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Jump to: navigation, search uses Google's search engine to provide full text searching for our Wiki. All private wikis use the built-in MediaWiki search engine since, by design, all private wiki contents are not accessible to Google for indexing.

All content in OWW is retrieved by Google on a very regular basis. All changes are provided for Google on a nightly basis. Google then uploads the changed pages during their visits to OpenWetWare multiple times per week.

Because of this, new content introduced into OWW is not accessible to search. The latency between adding content and having it accessible via our search engine can as much as 2-3 days, depending on what time of day a change is made.

Google returns a set of results within OWW pages: you will not have to move back-and-forth between and

Although Google is a global directory, OWW's search implementation uses features of Google search to limit the pages to those contained within OWW. One exception to this is the use of Google's 'define' operator specified below. Google will attempt to find a definition for the term specified within If this fails, Google will insert a remote page including a definition into the search result page.

Since OWW uses the same search term entry interface Google uses on the main Google search page, many of the same search operators available within the Google search box are available within OWW.

Below is a list of the available ways to refine your search query. Feel free to try out any of the terms below in the example section for each term.

enzyme genome The words enzyme and genome
enzyme OR genome Either the word enzyme or the word genome. The word "OR" must be uppercase
enzyme|genome Either the word enzyme or the word genome. The "|" symbol does not need to be separated by spaces from adjacent words.
enzyme -genome The word enzyme but NOT the word genome
+enzyme Only the word enzyme, and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms
biology ~lab biology info for both the word lab and its synonyms: lab, laboratory, etc.
define:genome Definitions of the word genome from around the Web.
red * green The words red and green separated by one or more words.
filetype:pdf Find documents of the specified type
ext:pdf Find documents of the specified extension
allintext:restriction enzyme All query words must appear the in text of the page.
intext:restriction enzyme The term "restriction" must appear in the text of the page.
allintitle:restriction enzyme All query words must appear the in title of the page.
intitle:restriction enzyme The term "restriction" must appear in the title of the page.
base-pair all forms of the term, whether spelled as a single word, a phrase, or hyphenated
1..5 Specify that results contain numbers in a range by specifying two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces