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[[Image:openwetware_orientation.png|thumb|right|350px|Visual guide to OpenWetWare welcome page]]
==Common tasks==
|[[Image:Gettingstarted green.png|left|40px]]
[[OpenWetWare:Getting started|'''Getting started''']]<br>
Learn the basics of editing OpenWetWare
|[[Image:Service lab.png|left|40px]]
[[Help:Starting a lab wiki|'''Host Lab''']]<br>
Host your lab website
|[[Image:Service notebook.png|left|40px]]
[[Help:Notebook|'''Lab Notebook''']]<br>
Keep an online lab notebook
|[[Image:Service protocols.png|left|40px]]
Find and share laboratory protocols
|[[Image:Service course.png|left|40px]]
[[Help:Hosting courses|'''Host Course''']]<br>
Host your course website
|[[Image:About blue.png|left|40px]]
Learn more about OpenWetWare
==More help==
|- valign="top"
===For new users===
*[[OpenWetWare:Getting started|Getting started]]
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Tutorial|Wikipedia's tutorial on using a wiki]]
*[[Simple wiki editing examples|Simple page editing]]
*[[Help:Chat|Real-time chat]]
===Editing help===
*[[Sandbox|Experiment in the sandbox]]
*[[MetaWikiPedia:Table|Edit tables]]
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Picture_tutorial|Format pictures]]
*[[Help:Reverting edits|Undo an edit to a page]]
*[[Help:Page naming conventions|Choose a proper name for your page]]
*[[Help:Renaming pages|Rename or move a page]]
*[[Help:Deleting pages|Deleting a page]]
*[[Help:Email|Email and OpenWetWare]]
*[[Help:Changing my username|Changing your username]]
===Advanced help===
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:How to edit a page|Advanced page editing]]
*[[OpenWetWare:Software/Extensions|Extensions for advanced editing]]
*[[Help:Chemical diagrams|Draw chemical diagrams]]
*[[Help:Plots|Draw plots]]
*[[Help:Charts|Generate line, bar and pie charts]]
*[[Help:Citations|Cite books and papers]]
*[[Help:Presentations|Make presentations]]
*[[Help:Special character support|Use special characters]]
*[[Help:Databases|Accessing network databases]]
*[[Help:RSS|RSS feeds of changes]]
*[[Help:DPL Goals|Use wiki for tasks and goals]]
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===Administrator help===
*[[Help:Adding new users|Adding new users]]
*[[OpenWetWare:Community Portal|Contributing to the OWW community]]
*Also, see [[:Category:Maintenance_templates | useful maintenance templates]].
===Ask for help===
''Can't find what you need above?''
*[[Help:Wiki questions|Post a question]]
===Provide help===
''Have a cool OWW tip that you want to share?''
*[[OpenWetWare:Tips | Post tips on using OpenWetWare]]
''Try to answer other people's questions here.''
*[[Help:Wiki questions|Answer questions about the wiki]]
==Ways to participate==
[[OpenWetWare:Steering committee members|'''Join the OpenWetWare steering committee''']]<br>
Help shape the overall direction of the site.
|[[Image:RecentChanges icon.png|left|50px]]
[[Special:Recentchanges|'''Check the recent changes''']]<br>
Bookmark the recent changes list.
[[OpenWetWare:Mailing lists|'''Subscribe to mailing lists''']]<br>
We have various mailing lists to enable discussion.
[[OpenWetWare:Ideas |'''Ideas for OpenWetWare''']]<br>
Chime in with general ideas for improving OWW.
[[OpenWetWare:Software/Feature requests |'''Request new software features''']]<br>
Add new features you'd like to see implemented in OWW.
[[OpenWetWare:Software/Extensions |'''Useful extensions''']]<br>
Tools to make using OWW easier.
|[[Image:Protocols Icon3.png|left|50px]]
[[OpenWetWare:To do list |'''To do list''']]<br>
Join one of these projects to make OWW better!
[[OpenWetWare:Presentations|'''Tell your friends''']]<br>
Tell your friends and colleagues about OWW.
==Research help==
''If you have a question about a protocol or some research topic, try one of the following.''
*[[Questions and Answers|Research help forum]]
*The relevant talk page for a particular protocol, piece of equipment or material.

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