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==Project Description/Abstract==
==Project Description/Abstract==
* Since a comprehensive ChIP map is not available for osteosarcoma, I will identify genes associated with H3K27me3 in liver (HepG2) and fibroblast (BJ) cell lines. ChIP is available through the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) (3). I will extract a list of genes with H3K27me3 near the transcription start site (promoter) as well as genes with a broad distribution of H3K27me3 to determine later on if H3K27me3 localization influences Pc-TF function. I will also determine which CBX isoforms are at each locus to determine variations between H3K27me3 sites.
* Phase 1 in progress
* Phase 2 in progress

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Project Description/Abstract


  • Phase 2 in progress

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