Haynes Lab:Notebook/Lab Traning - Pradyumna Kadambi/2013/07/27

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Incubation in Liquid Media 7/27/13

  1. Gathered 3 culture tubes, the three plates(mine, David's, and Heather's), LB+amp broth, a pipetter and a micropipette.
  2. Labled each tube with LB+amp, each person's initials on their respective culture tubes, and plasmids (Me-KAH013, David-KAH06, Heather- also KAH013).
  3. Used pipetter and the 5 mL pipette tip to transfer 3mL of LB+amp broth to my culture tube.
  4. Circled the colony I selected on my plate and then used the micropipette to lightly touch the colony and ejected the micropipette tip into my culture tube.
  5. Followed the same procedure with David's and Heather's culture tubes and plates.
  6. Placed all three tubes into the incubator.


NOTE: Plates were NOT wrapped in parafilm, so colonies may have been dried/dead when they were chosen

Plates were placed in the silver fridge on top of the blue plastic lid.