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(Entry title)
(Entry title)
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|TraR ctrl||LuxR
|TraR ctrl||LuxR

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Entry title


BL21 sender cultures grew in 6mls and 2mls. RhlR-GFP still didn't grow.
Shook LuxR, TraI, and TraR that had been in the fridge for a few minutes.

Co-cultures: Add 100ul of Sender, 100ul of Receiver to 3ml LB+Amp (except for TraI culture, which will not have antibiotic). Started shaking at 10AM.

Sender Receiver
LuxI LuxR
LasI LuxR
RhlI LuxR
TraI LuxR
TraR ctrl LuxR

Supernatant transfer: Determine pH using test strips:

Sender pH
TraR ctrl