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  • CRISPR on chromatin: transfections of g21, g22, g27 into Gal4EED/luc cells
  • Luc-mCh swap: building the donor sequence

CRISPR on chromatin: transfections

  1. gRNA21/Cas9, dox+
  2. gRNA22/Cas9, dox+
  3. gRNA27/Cas9, dox+
  4. gRNA21/Cas9, dox-
  5. gRNA22/Cas9, dox-
  6. gRNA27/Cas9, dox-
  • On 8/05/14, cells were grown in 4 mL P/S-free medium to ~80% confluence in a 6-well plate, 3 with 1 μg/mL dox, 3 without dox

Luc-mCh swap: building the donor sequence

  • Designed nested PCR primers to gradually build homology arms onto mCherry. The resulting donor should...
    • Place mCherry in-frame upstream of the luciferase gene
    • Add an tag start codon onto mCherry (we had to use KAH154 as a template, where mCherry has no start)