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BioBrick Collections

Chemicals, Etc.

  • Chemical Inventory Spreadsheet: This Google Docs spreadsheet lists all of the chemicals in the Haynes Lab inventory, plus safety precautions and links to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Compressed Gas: Contact ASU Stores - Gas Services at 5-6546 or gascylinders (at asu dot edu)
  • Dry Ice: Located in PSG 106 at the DCB Stockroom



  • DNA Sequencing - DNASU @Biodesign


  • Environmental Health & Safety at ASU
  • Biohazard & Chemical Waste Pick-up Request: log in at the EHS Assistant page to request biohazard waste pick-up. Use the "Chemical Waste Pick-up" link, click the "i" button next to Name of PI, and search for Haynes. For lab location, search for "Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building, 231" (BIO for biohazard, CHEM for chemicals)
  • Individual Training Record: To check your individual safety training record, log in at the EHS Assistant page. Click the "Individual Training Record" link and then enter your ASU ID.

Shared Equipment

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for all shared instruments

Burrrt Reynolds: -150°C Cryogenic Freezer
Model: Sanyo MDFC2156VANC
Location: ISTB4, room 231, linear equipment room
Status: Burrrt is up and running!

Lucille: Light Cycler 480
Model: Roche 5015278001
Location: ISTB4, room 231, south shared workspace
Status: Online

Plato: BioTek Plate Reader
Model: Synergy 2; luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance; Take3 nucleic acid spectroscopy
Location: ISTB4, room 231, south shared workspace
Status: Online

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