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Research Articles

Synthetic reversal of epigenetic silencing
Haynes KA, Silver PA. (2011) J Biol Chem. PMID: 21669865
Cover article

Engineering bacteria to solve the burnt pancake problem
Haynes KA, Broderick ML, Brown AD, Butner TL, Dickson JO, Harden WL, Heard LH, Jessen EL, Malloy KJ, Ogden BJ, Rosemond S, Simpson S, Zwack E, Campbell AM, Eckdahl TT, Heyer LJ, Poet JL. (2008) J Biol Eng. PMID: 18492232
JBE Outstanding Publication of 2008

A distinct type of heterochromatin within Drosophila melanogaster chromosome four
Haynes KA, Gracheva E, Elgin SC. (2006) Genetics. PMID: 17194780

Element 1360 and RNAi components contribute to HP1-dependent silencing of a pericentric reporter
Haynes KA, Caudy AA, Collins L, Elgin SC. (2006) Current Biol. PMID: 17113386

cis-Acting determinants of heterochromatin formation on Drosophila melanogaster chromosome four
Sun FL, Haynes K, Simpson CL, Lee SD, Collins L, Wuller J, Eissenberg JC, Elgin SC. (2004) Mol Cell Biol. PMID: 15340080

Select Reviews

Haynes KA, Silver PA. (2009) Eukaryotic systems broaden the scope of synthetic biology. J Cell Biol. PMID: 19948487