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Lab Duties

Do these tasks yourself or recruit others to help you. Your helpers must have all lab Safety Training completed.


Hazardous Waste not yet assigned autoclaving biohazard waste, labeling all waste for pick-up, requesting pick-up from EH&S
Tissue Culture Media Prep not yet assigned Tissue culture FBS and pen/strep
Shipping & Receiving James Alling pick up orders from ECG 334A, enter items received in the ordering spreadsheet, check consumables (micropipette tips, serological pipettes, kim wipes, tube racks)
Safety Officer Rene Davis SOP manual, first aid kit, sharps containers, lab-supplied PPE (coats, disposable gloves, autoclave gloves)
Shared Chemicals Behzad Damadzadeh media prep bay tidiness, chemical inventory updates, MSDS collection, fume hood, 37°C shaker-incubator
VOLUNTEER DUTIES Undergraduate volunteers prep LB agar 100 μg/mL ampicillin plates; wash and autoclave glassware, plasticware, & glass beads; prep and autoclave LB liquid media and 50xTAE; prep 70% ethanol and 1x TAE; re-stock autoclaved materials on shelves

Undergraduate Volunteers

Undergraduate volunteers are invited to learn and carry out media and glassware preparation. Hours for volunteering are on an on-call basis. You will receive a request to work in the lab via a volunteers' mailing list. Volunteers who demonstrate reliability, good technique, and good lab citizenship will be offered opportunities for research projects, either for course credit or a fellowship (e.g., FURI, SOLUR, SynBERC, etc.).


  • January 1 - February 28: requests to join the lab are accepted. Please send requests to karmella dot haynes at asu.
  • up through mid-March (Spring break): complete ALL required Safety Training
  • Mid-march (after spring break): attend Haynes lab media prep training
  • April 30 - spring volunteer cycle ends; continuation through May, June, etc. is welcome.


  • May 1 - June 30: requests to join the lab are accepted. Please send requests to karmella dot haynes at asu.
  • July 1 - July 15: complete ALL required Safety Training
  • Mid-July: attend Haynes lab media prep training
  • August 30 - summer volunteer cycle ends; continuation through September, October, etc. is welcome.


  • July 1 - August 31: E-mail Dr. Haynes (karmella dot haynes at asu) to express your interest in volunteering for the lab.
  • September 28: Complete ALL required Safety Training by this date. Notify Dr. Haynes via e-mail when all training is completed.
  • September 28: Request ISAAC access to ISTB4. Safety training is required before your ISAAC request is approved.
  • September 28: Attend Haynes lab media prep training.
  • December 15: Fall volunteer cycle ends; continuation through December, onward is welcome.

Safety Training

All new lab members and volunteers must take the following courses:

Class Course # In class or Online
1. Laboratory Safety LABSAFE In class
2. Fire Safety FIRE Online
3. Compressed Gas - Under Pressure Online
4. Biosafety & Bloodborne Pathogens Initial Training Online
5. Hazardous Waste Management Online
6. Recombinant DNA Training NIH Online

In class training: Register at the EHS Training Website. Click "Search Course Catalog/Register for Training." Click "Training Registration" on the EH&S Assistant page and follow the instructions. When you attend class, do not forget to sign the instructor's attendance sheet, or your training will not be kept on record.
Registration errors: if you are blocked from registration, contact LMS Support at 480-727-7300 or gtb at asu dot edu.

Online training: To register for online training, go here. Scroll to the bottom and click "Enroll" next to the course you need to take. Make sure to enroll in the refresher course if you've already taken the class. After you enroll, go to blackboard and find the course listed in your "Courses" module. These courses typically include some reading material (a powerpoint online) and a quiz. Read the material and take the 10-question quiz. These should not take longer than about 30 minutes.

All lab members are required to take annual refresher courses. Reminders will be sent by EHS. Check here to check your training status. See above for registration instructions under Online training. Email rene dot davis at asu dot edu if the google doc is not accurate or after you complete a training session.

Class Course # In class or Online
1. Laboratory Safety Annual Refresher Training n/a Online
2. Fire Safety & Prevention Annual Refresher Training n/a Online
3. Refresher Biosafety & Bloodborne Pathogens n/a Online
4. Hazardous Waste Management Refresher n/a Online


Request door access online using the secure system. You must have an ASURITE ID and password.

  • Log in at http://isaacrequest.asu.edu/control.php
  • Click the Request link in the left menu
  • Select ISTB4 (Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4)
  • Select the rooms shown in the table below. Access to these doors will allow you to participate in Haynes Lab research & meetings.
  • Read the guidelines and check the "I have read, understood and will comply with these guidelines." box.
  • Click the [Add] button.
  Bulding Room Sub-Location
ISTB4 1st Floor Perimeter
ISTB4 Conference Rooms (BHSE only)
ISTB4 Autoclaves
ISTB4 1st Floor Dock and LER
ISTB4 2nd Floor LER Lab
ISTB4 231 2nd Floor Wet Lab
ISTB4 231 231 Lab/LER/Elev
ISTB4 431 A2 4th Floor Autoclave (BHSE only)
ISTB4 ISTB4 Entrance Group BHSE