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Haynes Lab Meetings & Events - Google calendar

  • General Lab Meetings: the second and fourth Friday of every month at 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, as of January 2012
  • Personal Meetings: members are expected to meet with Dr. Haynes once a week, as of January 2012. As the lab grows, this may change.
    • Caroline Hom: 12:45 - 1:30 pm
    • Behzad Damadzadeh: 3:00 - 3:45 pm
    • Brady Laughlin: 4:20 - 5:05pm
  • Birthdays: Add yours so we can celebrate!

ISTB1 Room Guide (ISAAC information)

  • ISTB1 110: first floor entrances southeast and west
  • ISTB1 Elevators to second floor
  • ISTB1 151-181 labs, first floor hallway
  • ISTB1 181 North and South entrances to offices: Haynes office, student desks
  • ISTB1 223, 274: second floor stairwells
  • ISTB1 230-240 open lab: Haynes lab,Wang lab, Bennett lab, Kodibagkar lab
  • ISTB1 255-271 open lab: access to the ice machine
  • ISTB1 258 Media Prep: autoclave
  • ISTB1 262 Bioimaging Core: fluorescence plate reader

Safety Training

ALL new lab members must take the following courses:
1. Laboratory Safety: in class
2. Fire Safety: in class
3. Initial Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens Training: online
4. Hazardous Waste Management: online
5. NIH Guidelines – rDNA Training: online

In class training: Register at the EHS Training Website. Click "Register for Training/Search Course Catalog." Click "Search for a specific class". Select "Tempe Campus Classes." Enter Laboratory Safety in the text box. Click Search. Select the soonest date/time that first your schedule. On the next page, click "Enroll in this class" in the upper right corner. Repeat this process, but instead enter Fire Safety in the search box. When you attend class, do not forget to sign the instructor's attendance sheet, or your training will not be kept on record.
Registration errors: if you are blocked from registration, contact LMS Support at 480-727-7300 or gtb at asu dot edu.

Online training: These courses typically include some reading material (a powerpoint online) and a quiz. To access the classes online, go to MyASU. In the My Classes section, click Blackboard. Click the Courses tab. Enter each class in the search box to find it.

Refresher courses: all lab members are required to take annual refresher courses. Reminders will be sent by EHS.