Harvard:Synthetic Biology Nanocourse/2007

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Intellectual Unit: Experimental Tools for Biological Discovery

Synthetic Biology: Cellular and Molecular Engineering


  • Nanocourse Director: Pam Silver
  • Nanocourse Lecturers: George Church, William Shih and Pam Silver

Course Description

  • Synthetic biology explores the design rules for building artificial behavior of biomolecular systems through cycles of construction and comparison of intended versus

observed behaviors. The ability to synthesize biomimetic behavior is an important benchmark for biological understanding. This course will introduce strategies for engineering cellular and molecular systems and will explore current and future applications for synthetic biology approaches.

Meeting Times

  • First Meeting: Monday, October 22nd, 1:30-4:30pm
    • Location: Goldenson 122 (on the HMS quad)
  • Second Meeting: Friday, October 26th, 12-2pm
    • Location: TBD