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Assignment 3, Due 2/20

#Zachary Sun, Assignment 3 (alpha edition)
#2.20.07, final version forthcoming
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
from Bio import Clustalw
from Bio import GenBank, Seq
from Bio.Seq import Seq,translate

cmdline = Clustalw.MultipleAlignCL(os.path.join(os.curdir, 'apoe.fasta'))

align = Clustalw.do_alignment(cmdline)

#Zach's addition: Looking to see if the mutation is in intron or exon;
#sorry it is a poor implementation, but hopefully will expand on this
#in upcoming week (could not get implementation working for a while =(
##Determining start and end sites assuming first is reference coding seq

refSeqObj = align.get_all_seqs()
refSeq = refSeqObj[0].seq.tostring()

start_site = refSeq.find('ATG') #position of start codon

counter = start_site
countcodon = 0;
for i in range(len(refSeq)-4-start_site): #to determine stop codon point
    totrans = totrans + refSeq[counter]
    counter = counter + 1
    stoptest = refSeq[counter]+refSeq[counter+1]+refSeq[counter+2]
    if countcodon == 2:
        if stoptest == 'TAA' or stoptest == 'TAG' or stoptest == 'TGA':
            stop_site = counter
        countcodon = -1
    countcodon = countcodon + 1

print "Start codon site: ", start_site
print "Stop codon site: ", stop_site

for i in range(alignment.get_alignment_length()):
    col = align.get_column(i)
    s = Set() # create a new set
    for c in range(len(col)):
        s.add(col[c]) # add each column element to the set
    if len(s) > 1: # multiple elements in s indicate a mismatch
        if i<start_site or i>stop_site: #To determine if intron or exon
            print "Exon: ", i, col;
            print "Intron: ", i, col;


Start codon site:  60
Stop codon site:  1011
Exon:  3 AAT
Intron:  658 AGG
Intron:  802 C-A
Intron:  803 C-C
Intron:  804 G-G
Intron:  805 A-A
Intron:  806 G-G

Note: slightly modified apoe.fasta file to introduce a mutation before start codon.